A Book of Sleep

A Book of Sleep
by Il Sung Na
2009 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

1. Are the illustrations appealing? 
This book is a piece of art. Beautiful illustrations depict how different creatures sleep -quietly or noisily, alone or in a group, or while in motion. Sleep is depicted in the illustrations as soft, ethereal filigrees of flowers or vines that hang close the slumbering animals. Sleep never looked so inviting.

2. How does the story sound when read aloud?
The prose is simple and quiet. While there is no rhyming or repetition, there is stillness here that is soothing, as though written to be read only in a whisper. The real poetry of the book, though, comes from the art.

3. Do either the story or illustrations invite interaction - is there something to add, discuss, or act out?
In each scene, you can find the watchful owl. Sometimes the owl is easy to find, sometimes it takes some searching.

4. Are there any female characters?
No gender is assigned to any of the animals, so the reader can use whatever pronouns she will when discussing the illustrations.

5. Is it edible?
Oh, yes. This board book is apparently delicious. I haven't tasted it myself, but Funny Bear greatly enjoys it and she is, of course, a connoisseur.

In my opinion: This is a lovely book that F.B. and I can share again and again and both enjoy.
Funny Bear's opinion: The front cover is particularly tasty.


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