Time to Eat: Farm Burger in Decatur

My kiddo's top choice for dining out in Decatur right now - Farm Burger, hands down. Here is why:

1. Really tasty food: The Little Farmer's Burger or Chicken comes with a healthy side option of fresh fruits and veggies, and my kid eats them up. Grown up options include very tasty, sustainably raised options - including a very good chicken burger and quite good veggie burger. Good beer choices also mean that mom and dad are relaxed and happy.

2. Patient staff: It is a friendly place with big tables for shared seating, crayons on the ready, and outdoor seating too. My kid always gets a smile, and we've yet to see any eye-rolls for showing up with multiple kids in tow.

3. Close to the toy park: We've even parked there so that we can play on the way back.

There are lots of great, kid-friendly options for restaurants in ATL - but if Tiny has a vote, it is FB 9 times out of 10 (that 10th time - Chinese Food). And FB, you are welcome for the free promo- although we'd take a free beer on Mommy Blogger Night if you ever decide to host one.


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