Halloween Costume Ideas, or Anytime Costumes

Wouldn't it be great if we could help our daughters learn about -and dress up as- influential women from history at Halloween?

Two beautiful photo essays might provide some ideas.

First, Jamie Moore's collection of photos of her daughter dressed as influential women in history can be found on her professional website. Moore writes that she wanted to help her daughter see herself in the context of real women who have influenced the world in which we live. 

Moore's work inspired Marc Bushelle and Janine Harper to photograph their daughter posed as influential women of color. As an NPR piece reviewing their ongoing photo essay explains: 
Before buying the costume and organizing the photo shoot, Harper and Bushelle explained Coleman's history to Lily by reading books and watching educational videos. For each photo shoot that followed, Lily learned about a variety of African-American women in history, from writers to scientists to performers.
You can find all of Bushelle's photos of his daughter as influential women on his Facebook page.


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