Atlanta Hikes: Hahn Woods

Location: 866 Houston Mill Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30329 
Parking: Yes! Limited but free.

With Funny Bear about to turn three, our family is very excited about hiking in the woods - long car trips, though, not so much. One reason to love Atlanta: lots of wildernesses hidden within the city. 

Hahn Woods is actually a secret part of the Emory Campus, and links up with the bigger and better-known Lullwater Park via a under-bridge path below Houston Mill Road. Hahn Woods is lovely, with the creekside loop offering many opportunities to wet your feet - or pan for gold. FB had a wonderful time doing both, and although we didn't come home rich, she did get a chance to splash around with some other children, and with a couple of friendly dogs. One of the litte "beaches" is quite rocky - mossy and slick, so take your pool shoes or sneakers. The other beach is sandy and cool. After quite a bit of wading time, we continued our walk through the woods. A little stone bench overlooking the river offers the perfect place to stop for a snack. With a stop by Mason Mill Park on the way home, we had a beautiful summer day in the woods and city. 


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